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Fun with politics

January 15, 2006
     Back when I was attending university, I remember getting interested in the workings political campaigns and I attended an all cadidates meeting for the student union elections.  Along with the usual serious candidates, they had several joke slates, including a Star Trek slate and an Apathy slate.  The idea for the Apathy slate was that everyone who did not vote was a vote for them, and because an overwhelming number of students did not cast a vote they would declare themselves the winner.  The Star Trek slate had people dressed up in Next Generation costumes, and gave out Vulcan salutes to everyone.
   Last week I had a similar experience when I went to the local federal all candidates meeting.  I am not impressed with the platform of the Progressive Conservatives, and I wanted to hear some of the other candidates.
     I was not expecting the laughter that the Libertarian candidate garnered.  The crowd was really impressed with his lack of knowledge on most any issue, he would just read from his party’s platform and information for his allotted time.  He was successful in educating us on the Libertarian wish; to have a "pocket" free from governmental interference to prove that we don’t need so much government.  I would almost vote for him just so that the CPAC channel would be funny.
     The Liberal candidate was so full of himself.  Some people should be proud of their record, but from the way he described it, when he was mayor everything was perfection, and he could then make the federal scene perfect as well, ending all corruption and balancing the budget.  At one point he started to criticize the Progressive Conservative candidate (who had an excellent track record as MP for the region the past 5 years ) and the audience booed.  He then started complaining that PC candidate had filled the audience with his supporters. 
  There was also an independent who is running because he did not agree with the way the last MP voted during parliament question on gay marriage.   His intention is to make it to office so that he can reopen the question and vote his way, it his "referendum."  It was clear that he was a sore loser because the incumbent described why he voted that way, he had sent a survey to all the electorate and based his decision to vote on the majority, which was somewhere around 60-40.  It was clear to the audience that we don’t want this issue reopened and the guy is just a sore loser.
  The Green party candidate had the nicest suit, but his shoes were old and scuffed.  I supported some of the ideas his party had, but I wouldn’t want all of their ideals.  I learned something listening to him, and that is what I thought the whole experience would have been like.  Besides that he was really cute and very likeable.
   About the only thing that wasn’t there that we had at university was the funny costumes, music on boom boxes from the audience and paper airplanes.  This was a close second.  Thank you very much to the Tri-cities Chamber of Commerce for putting on the well run forum at Terry Fox Theater.
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