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New Years Resolution – a summer story

December 31, 2005
  I had said that I would talk about my summer road trip and never got around to actually doing it.  There’s no time like the present, and I thought it would be a little warmer then going for a polar bear swim!
  This last summer I went on a road trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan for a family reunion.  The road trip from Vancouver to Calgary is absolutely beautiful in the summer.  The trip in summer has long days, majestic views, the chance of seeing wildlife and it is helped by air conditioning.  We made the trip a few times in January and I can tell you that it is quite the opposite.  There are several mountain passes, and I recall one we went through was literally carved out of the snow at the summit, we felt we were travelling through the death star trench from Star Wars. 
  The first place we stopped was Calgary and while we were there we made the obligitory stop at Peters’ drive- in which is a fantastic burger shack.
They have the most fantastic burgers on either side of the Rockies, and super thick milkshakes too.
 After a rest of a few days to visit family, we continued with the next leg of the trip, whcih brought us through the Drumheller area of Alberta.  We had gone from lush, green and all encompassing forests of BC, to rolling, hot and open of the foothills.  The area is very picturesque, and is where you can find ancient fossils of dinosaurs.  Or you would if you stopped at the museum, but we were on a mission to continue to Saskatchewan.
  We stopped along the way briefly at a few places to fuel up and take in the local fast food, but mostly it was on the road, which on the prairies doesn’t change much, it’s flat, straight and predictable.  I heard a joke once about someone asking directions to get to Saskatoon from Calgary.  You travel north to Edmonton and take a right.
  Our destination was Hafford, Saskatchewan, which is a small farming community 2 hours out of Saskatoon.  One of the remarkable features of the area is Redberry lake, which is a large saltwater lake with a recreational area with camping, a golf course and beaches. 
  With many people coming from all over Canada for the reunion it seemed that we had almost doubled the population of the town.  We had a service at the church for the anniversary couple and then went on to the hall followed by more partying at the farm.  The food and hospitality was fantastic.  There were so many talented people dancing the polka over and over it made me realize just how out of shape I am.  I was happy when they played the odd waltz to slow things down.
More to come…
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