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A summer story Continued

December 31, 2005
Continuing my story about my summer road trip…
   The visit in Hafford was a lot of fun, and the people were very friendly and welcoming.  The dinner at the hall was served by people who volunteered!  The next day we went to visit the family farm which is close to Redberry lake.  You can make a virtual visit to Hafford by checking out the satellite view with google maps and enter in Hafford, Saskatchewan.  The green squares you see are fields.
  The halfway of our trip had come and it was time to travel back.  This time the route was going to take us back to Calgary and then through the British Columbia southern interior so that I could make a stop to visit my Dad in Cranbrook. 
   A bit of an unplanned car trouble had us stopping in Wainwright with family again.  On the way to Saskatchewan we had stayed overnight, watched a football game on television and saw some beautiful northern lights.  This time we stopped to rest the car as we took in some A&W burgers.  Alberta and Saskatchewan were celebrating the 100th anniversary in 2005 and has lots of celebrations going on.  I missed them all except for a small sign in Wainwright, that was close to their buffalo statue.
  Continuing on, we saw more harvesting taking place on the fields.  Hay is taken up in round bales nowadays, which is easy and efficient for farmers.  I remember my uncle had stored his bales in long rows, side by side and as kids we had lots of fun running along them, jumping from row to row.  It was quite the feat when you are not so tall.
  On the other side of Calgary is Nanton, and it is famous for it’s airforce museum and Avro Lancaster Bomber.   We were really lucky to stop by there this time because the had the plane out of the hanger for servicing.  We were able to get some awesome outdoor pictures and talk to the mechanics.
  We continued on our trip west and came to the foothills before the Rocky Mountains between Lethbridge and the Crowsnest pass.  We made a brief pause to have a closer look at the windmills they have there for generating power.  The area is really a great location since it seems that the wind never stops there, and the windmills are a sight to see.  Each year we go by there are more windmills of different styles and sizes.
  Once we got to Cranbrook we spent a few days visiting and site seeing.  We went to Mark Creek falls near Kimberley and stopped by my cousin’s produce farm, Fort Steele Farms.  If you are ever in the Cranbrook area we recommend you go to the bakery and get a creamfilled donut in Kimberly on the Platzl and then head to Fort Steel farms and pick up the best darn corn on the cob you have ever tasted and some mouth watering pies.  We used to have a bit of fun on the ski hill in Kimberley in the summer by taking the Alpine slide, but they took it out and all there is left is the ski lift to the top.  I’ts not as much fun.
  Then it was time to head on home and pick my hamster up from my brother’s who was kindly babysitting him for us.  He was happy to see us home again, or was he just happy to see the watermelon I brought him?
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  1. Unknown permalink
    December 31, 2005 14:51

    Hi. Just checking out spaces. Nice one you have here. Hope you have a happy new year.

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