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Oh! Christmas tree!

December 15, 2005
  I have finally caught up on some sleep that I missed a few nights ago.  Shortly after I wrote my last entry, around one thirty am, I heard a crash from the other room.  We had put up our newly bought, real Christmas tree earlier during the evening and decorated it.  The noise, if you haven’t guessed already, was the tree coming down. 
  The tree is really a nice one, but it looks better standing upright, so I went to wake up my husband to help put it back into it’s normal, upright position.  It had also tipped the stand over, so we had a few damp presents as well. 
  Amazingly, people can be quite determined when awaken from peaceful slumber.  We secured it to nice heavy brick and the banister.  I think the neighbours must have thought we were nuts for vacuuming at 2 am.  
  Yesterday we took down all the decorations and put them back up again. It is not as much fun the second time around.   I covered the brick with a white piece of cloth and found little decorations of people skiing to put on it, with some hanging onto the rope. The other side I twisted around a green garland to disguise the rope leading to the banister. 
  The whole experience was something I would have prefered to miss, but the story makes for a good laugh for others, and even a few people have sympathized with me and told me they never miss anchoring their trees now.
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