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Western Hockey League

December 10, 2005
  Last night we went out to a junior league hockey game.  The Vancouver Giants were playing the Everett Silvertips.  If you have ever tried to get tickets for a NHL hockey game you know that you probably will be spending hundreds of dollars for decent seats.  That is one of the reasons I like going to WHL games, they are really reasonable.  I get ticket vouchers at Save On Foods and get fairly good seats where they play in Pacific Colisseum. 
  We arrived early and had some White Spot burgers before the game and then settled in our seats.  There was a family in front of us that won a pizza at the begining of the game.  The kids were really sweet, including a toddler who shared his drinking straw with us. 
  The game was really entertaining too.  The Giants won!  At the first period break they have a short game with small kids, their teams are called Timbits.  They are so much fun to watch, the entire team follows the puck around the ice, except when they are falling over.
  This year they have two radio controlled blimps that hover above the crowd and drop tickets for prizes.  They are lots of fun to watch.
  The next game that we are going to is on the 16th of December.  It will be Teddy Bear Toss night.  Fans are asked to bring stuffed toys to donate to charity for Christmas.  Right after the home team scores it’s first goal, everyone throws their stuffed animals onto the ice.  It is really something to see the rain of stuffies flying down where they are picked up in huge bins.  I think every team has one of these during one of their home games before Christmas.
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