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Fun with battles and games on the net

December 9, 2005
   Kitten Battles
 I just stumbled across a website where you can participate in "kitten battles."  You are shown two pictures of cats that people have submitted and you choose the cutest.  Each cat has their own statistics in battles and if you have a kitty picture you can get them into the fight.
Google Whack
  I found this a while ago, it is a game that you play using the Google search engine.  You enter two words into the search (eligible words are those that are found in and if you get only one hit for the combo then you have a Google Whack!  You then can record your whack on their website.  My one and only whack was "Yuletide Gastropod."
Google Fight
  Another Google game.  You enter two submissions for a Google search and the one that has the more results is the winner.  For example, God has 172,000,000 results, vs. the Devil has 47,300,000 results.  God is declared the winner!  To make things simpler, a website has a simple way of entering in the two searches and has a nice little graphic to automatically tell who wins.  They also have suggestions for fights.
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