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Taking a train

December 8, 2005
  Last week I took the West Coast Express into Vancouver, which is a commuter train from the Fraser Valley.  At the time I wrote this for my blog entry.
  This morning I took West Coast Express to a convention at Canada Place in Vancouver.  It had snowed overnight for the first time this season, but not too much, just enough to coat the sprawling blackberry plants and other vegetation.
  Once onboard I found the cappuccino car and got a steamed milk hot chocolate.  Yummy!  I then went upstairs to the second level of the car and got a window seat where I sat with three other people who were dozing for the ride.  It was light out so I could watch the scenery along the Burrard inlet.  Alot of the area is industrialized with harbours or ports and marinas, but some areas were lovely and natural.  I saw a bald eagle sitting on a piling out in the water and it’s nest was on the piling next to it.  When we passed the sulfur transfer site (there is a huge pile of bright yellow material) the workers were waving at our train.  I also saw the activity at the port of Vancouver where there were lots of containers going back and forth.
  I think its too bad the train doesn’t run more often, for example during the middle of the day and one later in the evening or earlier in the morning.  I don’t see why anyone would want to take a car to downtown if they could take the train.
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