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Party on the Pacific!

December 2, 2005
  On November 27th Vancouver hosted the CFL Grey Cup for the 14th time.  This year the planners and the city went all-out to make it a celebration well worth celebrating!
   We were lucky enough to be staying after the game in a hotel downtown, so we went there first to check in and park the car.  When we went to find a cab we met some other folks who were nice enough to share, and then when we got to BC place they wouldn’t accept us trying to give them half the fare.  They were really friendly people from Kelowna who had won their tickets to the game.
  We then went to the Plaza of Nations to join in the pregame party the Lions had put on.  They had really spicy and hot chilli for $2 a bowl that was raising money for the food bank.  They also had a band and dancing and drinks.  We were a bit too cold to get up and move around so we had lunch while we listened to the music.  One of the sponsors for the game had a booth giving out orange mardis gras beads and orange flags.
    As my team had not made it into the Grey Cup I couldn’t decide who I was going to cheer for.  I decided to make up a sign to wear that said, "Very Loud Lions fan, will cheer for your team, $5 or best offer."  I didn’t get any offers, but I did get a lot of laughs, including someone from a local radio station who read it on the air while I was standing in line for a hotdog.  She then got me to give a cheer for both the Edmonton Eskimoes and the Montreal Alouettes.
  We decided to check out the Beatty Street block party after the pregame party, but by then it was so packed with people coming to the game we could hardly move.  We went into the stadium and got our seats.  It was so fantastic to the entire stadium filling up for both levels.  Jeff bought some 50/50 tickets (which sold out!) and we found a souvenir program guide someone left behind by our seats.
  On the field they had cheerleaders from both Montreal and Edmonton, fireworks to introduce the players and energetic mascots from both teams as well.  The cadets brought out the huge Canadian flag to go along with the national anthem, and they had marching bands fill up the rest of the field for the pregame music.  They had a bunch of new cameras set up for the telecast on CBC, including one on wires that went over the field.
  Then came the game, wow.  The play was entertaining and fantastic.  The crowd was so loud!  The attendance was 59,157 loud and boistrous fans.  Including a trio of drunk girls four rows ahead of us, one of which decided to lift her top.  When security came to escort her and her friends out, the guys in the section over from her all shouted "let her stay!" 
  The half time show with a band called the Black Eyed Peas.  They were okay, it was not the best setting for the sound system. 
  The second half was when the game really picked up.  And then it went into overtime!  In the end I did cheer for the Eskimoes because I had a pool where I was going to win $10 for the way the score ended up.  Jeff didn’t win the 50/50, but some guy from Ontario went home with over $45,000!
  We stuck around to watch the Mounties bring out the cup and then have Michealle Jean present it to the winning captain of the Eskimoes.  After the game we joined the massive throng taking over Robson street.  The mob was polite enough to stop at red lights to allow cross traffic to pass.
  Woo.  What a Sunday!  Good luck to Winnipeg and Toronto to top it when they host the next two Grey Cups!
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