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Grey Cup Fever!

November 26, 2005
Hey everyone!
  I have been partying for two days straight, and had to take a breather so that I can start again tomorrow.  It is Grey Cup here in Vancouver and the city is throwing a terrific party!
  We have been to Riderville and their hospitality suite.  They also have a store full of Saskatchewan Roughrider merchandise.  Of course I picked up their little mascot on a key chain, Gainer.  He is so sweet.  And then we went to the Lion’s Den party, and stayed dancing, drinking, singing and having one good time after another.  They had on stage all of the cheerleaders performing for us, as well as trivia for prizes, the Booze Brothers, LOUUUUU!!!!, coach and the team owner, as well as some great bands.  One of my favorites was the Saskatchewan Pep Band.     
    Today we went to the Calgary Stampeders Breakfast then the Grey Cup parade!  They started with a fly pass of four CF-18s.  It was a great parade with bands, floats, classic cars, vetrans, clowns, Masons on tiny motorcycles, and Pamela Anderson as parade marshall.  We then checked out the Edmonton Eskimoes Spirit of Edmonton Hospitality Suite.  It was the place to be, the joint was packed. They had a band and two hot tubs full of ice and beer! 
  Grey Cup celebrations are a lot of fun.  You talk to people you never met before and have lots to talk about like old friends.  It doesn’t matter who you are cheering for, or where you are from, just that you are a fan of the CFL and we are going to the game.  So cheer for the west or the east, and make sure you watch the game on CBC at 3pm Pacific time!  Watch out for me in the stands!
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