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Mmmm, organic alternatives!

November 17, 2005
A trip to the Greenhouse
  I went to our local greenhouse today since we are having a bit of a dry spell (no rain forecast for a couple of days), to pick up some lime and fertilizer for our lawn.  We use lime to lower the pH of our soil because we have lots evergreen trees and that results in lots of moss from the acidic soil. 
 That is not all that exciting, but what was interesting was a product we found on the shelf.  It was 100% Real Coyote Urine.  It is used to mark your yard to keep away deer.  It is made by Leg Up Enterprises, and they have a website with their products. 
  Interesting, you may say, but hardly exciting, unless you are another coyote.  What was interesting was the curiousity that resulted in the bottle being opened for a sample sniff.  Imagine if dogs played in the NHL, and you had in your hands a german shepherd’s jock strap.  Then for several minutes afterwards, everything smelled of the overpowering eau de canine wee-wee.  The remarkable cache of the spectrum of old dog scents.
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