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Kick to win

October 27, 2005
"It was surreal."

  That’s what Brian Diesbourg said about making a fifty yard kick of a football through the uprights in front of over 40,000 people for $1,000,000 at the half time show in the Toronto against Hamilton football game.  No one left their seats, even most of the players didn’t leave the field at the break.   He was selected in a contest with Wendy’s and TSN to "Kick to Win," and he had a some time to practice with Toronto kicker, Noel Prefontaine.  Then it was his big chance, first from 20 yards for a $1,000, then from 30 yards for a camera package, then from 40 yards for a home theater system.  Wouldn’t you know, but he missed all three!  We were crossing our fingers as we waited with anticipation through the commercial before he made his final kick live. 

The media and sponsor guys were really encouraging.  They told him those other kicks were nothing.  He was going to make it.  The other kicks had gone left, so he later said he thought to himself, kick it to the right and think about what happened in practice.  We watched avidly as he brought back his soccer trained leg to make the kick not even most professionals can make, and he did it!  We were yelling for joy for him!  What a performance!   Congratulations, Brian!  Your acheivement proves what our mothers told us from when we were little, you can do anything you put your mind to.

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