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October 24, 2005
October 22…it turned out to be
a really fun day for football.  Not only did I get to participate
in the Fandemonium contest, but the Lions won!  Yay! 

  I didn’t win the contest, but I got to meet some other great
fans of the BC Lions.  The first fellow had on a vintage football
helmet and uniform.  He came to Vancouver all the way from Kelowna
for the game.  He also had a badge on that said that he was at the
1964 Grey Cup.  That was the first time the Lions won the
  Another fan brought his son.  He had his ladies color his
hair and do his make up.  Sounds like a lot of fun…for them.  
He told us about how he made this great CFL road trip to the prairies
this summer with his son.  It sounded like they had a great time.
  The girl who won was a blast.  She brought along her
tailgaters to support her and was dressed and painted completely in
orange.  She even told us that she met her husband at a Lions’
  The best part of the contest was going onto the field for
pregame practice.  I finally got to check out the new turf,
watched the Lions and the Blue Bombers warm up and TSN recorded a bit
of us cheering on our Lions to use on the big screen during the
game.  It was really
exciting.  The prizes we got were really nice, too.  Thanks
to TSN and Fritos for the happy experience!

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