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Is it still fall?

October 5, 2005
  As I mentioned in my last blog, we have started to get a bit of rain again.  The amount has certainly slowed down since that day, and I just want to make it clear that I do really like this time of year, even if it is a bit grey out.  I just checked out the news from the prairies and Southern Manitoba has a winter storm warning today, with 10-30 cm of snow expected, and winds around 50 km/hr.  I don’t think I could put up with that anymore.  I remember one autumn living in Alberta, we didn’t have any fall colours because that year there was an early frost before the leaves turned color, they all froze, turned black and stayed on the trees.  That was really awful.
  On another note, I do have a bit of a problem with a bear, at least I think it is a bear.  The last couple of weeks we had something getting into our garbage can.  We have big garbage cans with wheels supplied by the city that the garbage trucks can pick up with a claw.  I put my bicycle lock on the handle and attached it to the fence, but today when I got home from work the lid was ripped off the top of the can and a bag of garbage was on the ground, ripped open.   I don’t think that a raccoon could have achieved that strength.  I can’t imagine a squirrel doing it either, but I did catch that particular little monster digging up my bulbs I just planted.   Well, at least bears hibernate and the animals are better then snow and wind like they have in Manitoba.
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