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Check out these CFL Football player websites

October 5, 2005
I just found a few CFL player websites!  They are really neat glimpses into what the players have going on in their lives, with pictures and sometimes video!
Here’s a quote from Jason that was also in the Vancouver Sun, "There is a new reporter covering the CFL, and her name is Chicken Little.  If you haven’t heard, sources have confirmed what was previously suspected.  Indeed, the sky is falling." 
I think Jason has the best website, it’s the most up to date.  Dave Benefield has some cute pictures of his new baby, though.
For those of you who can’t get enough NFL, where football players need four downs, check out Sean’s blog.  He is a brother of a university friend of mine, and I just love the picks Earl makes as "control,"  because he is not football aware.
Oh, and by the way Sean, even with two losses, the Lions are still ahead of the Eskimos!
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