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Harvesting the garden

September 19, 2005
  It is that time of year again, the days are getting cooler and things aren’t growing as quickly because of the shorter days.  I recently harvested my crop of potatoes while the garden was dry.  It was a good year for me, I have a whole crisper drawer full of those purple goodies.  That’s right, I bought Russian Blue seed potatoes and they are purple blue in color.  They are similar in taste to other potatoes, but look really weird with gravy.
  This was also the first year I decided to grow garlic.  It is really neat, the heads developed into a cluster of little tiny garlic buds, and they also grew other garlic bulbs around the first one.  The other side benefit is that it kept the squirrels away from nosing around in the garden this summer.  Last year they were really bad, digging things up and eating all the strawberries and cucumbers.  Some people around here call them rats with fluffy tails.  I say that the rats are more well behaved.  I just read online that you can use the crushed garlic buds in salads and roasting with chicken and beef.  Mmmmm, roast lemon garlic chicken and purple potatoes.
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