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Sorry about the rants, but I gotta add this one, for Terry Fox

September 18, 2005
I just wrote a letter to my member of parliment and I thought I would share part of it with you.  If any other Canadian thinks in a similar way, please write to your member of parliment or to the prime minister at
Dear my MP,
 I feel really sad "that the 25th anniversary of Terry Fox Marathon of Hope" was lessened for Canadians across the country because of the lockout at the CBC.  I have just read a story online about how there was supposed to be a coast to coast broadcast…
  …"One group, the Terry Fox Foundation run by Terry’s brother Darrell Fox, had been planning to mark the 25th anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope in a momentous way today, September 16.  Together with the CBC, there was to be a multi-faceted national day of celebrations, involving children, teachers and community leaders — to be broadcast from coast to coast."
  which I read on the CMG website.  What a loss for Candians that this did not happen.  I miss the usual CBC broadcasts on radio and television.  Our Canadian culture and identity is worth more then saving a few dollars to contract out new employees.  Please see that this lockout does not drag on and on.
You can also go to the Candian Media Guild website at
Another site is  and if this link isn’t working try putting cbc unplugged into google and getting it that way.
And if you want to read the news from the CBC you have always trusted check out
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