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What do you do when a friend is in trouble?

September 6, 2005
  I was listening to a local radio station the other day, and they had a listener poll that asked, "are you planning to make a donation to a charity for assistance with hurricane Katrina relief?"  Fewer then half the respondants said that they would.  Most of the comments went something along the lines of, "the US has enough money to look after their own."
  This kind of stuck in my head so I started reading a bit more about what was going on, including a poignant article in the New York Times by Anne Rice, and a quote from W.P. Kinsella (one of my favorite authors).  Anne Rice’s article, entitled "Do you know what it means to lose New Orleans,"  helped me to see what the mass media was missing in their portrayal of the people from the "Big Easy."  With her descriptions I was able to see a rich character of people, not just the unfortunate.
  Kinsella, in an article in the Vancouver Province, said, "the Americans are our friends, allies and trading partners.  And we should be as quick to support them when they’re in trouble as we are to knock them when they get too high and mighty." 
  I applaud both of these writers for speaking their minds and saying what needed to be said.  I intend to donate what we can to the Salvation Army and send some to a friend who is putting together a care package for someone she knows who lived in Kenner (close to the New Orleans airport).  We are very thankful that Mary got out before the storm, but she left behind her home and her brother who couldn’t travel.  He is ill with diabetes and couldn’t make the trip.  That was the last news my friend heard from them.  May God help them.
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