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BC Lions! ROAR! Canadian League football is great!

July 29, 2005
   I went to the BC Lions football game tonight.  We have season’s tickets.  Wow, what a great game, beat Calgary Stampeder’s 40-27.  They were tied just after the half at 27 then our boys took us on home.  There was a good crowd, too, over 28,000 people were at the game.  Now my ears are ringing because of the noise, and my throat is a bit hoarse because I did my share of yelling.  If you are a knowlegable fan you know to yell your head off when the opposition has the ball so that they can’t hear the calls from their quarterback, and can’t make the play.  It really makes a difference at BC place stadium, since it is inside, the noise level is significant.
  I can hardly wait, this year Vancouver will be hosting the Grey Cup!  I will be going to the for the very first time!  It will be one party on the pacific!
  Here are the words for our team song, which we sing after every touchdown:
   Roar you Lions, Roar!
   That’s what a Lion’s Roar is for!
   From the mountains to the sea,
   You are the pride of all B.C.  Rah Rah Rah.
   So, come out and play the game,
   you’ll lead us on to football fame!
   You are the "L", the "I", the "O", "N", "S",
   Roar you Lions, Roar you lions, Roar you Lions, Roar!
  Rah Rah!
  You can hear it on the BC Lions website,
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