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The first day of a new blog.

July 20, 2005
     Alright, so this is where I start.  I wonder what the first person to have a online blog started off with?  It problably wasn’t, “Dear Blog.”  I have a few ideas, and I hope that it will grow into some more.  Just thought I would get my feet wet, so to speak.
     Guess I will start with sharing a picture of my new hamster, Pookie.   Two weeks ago, I had a friend visit who noted that I needed a pet, and found little Pookie on a website waiting fo a home at the local SPCA.  That night we washed out the old hamster cage and other supplies I had stored in the garage, and set up his home.  First thing the next day went to the place and adopted him.  His papers read;
Primary breed,  Hamster. Secondary breed, purebred.
  Just what I always wanted, a purebred hamster.  He had been at the shelter for five months, and we are not sure how old he is, but he is very friendly and tame.  It is very easy to pick him up and play with him.  He enjoyed his first day exploring his cage, (mostly digging under the litter), and then settled to sleep in his new house.
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