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A good day to sleep.

March 23, 2015

After I finish a night shift, if it it is raining, most people will say, “It is a  good day to sleep.”  This little guy to it just a little further. CACP1izU0AAz-JG

Found this at Rocket News.

What to do for Valentines day?

February 11, 2015

Some people think that Valentine’s day is over-rated.   Perhaps it is just an excuse for the sale of roses and chocolates, but I say it is a good time to show those around you that you love them, and if they love roses and chocolates that makes it so much easier.

So for all of you lovers out there, and with a special dedication to the one I love, I offer some Valentine hamster videos I have found for your enjoyment.

May you have a wonderful Valentines day!

What’s on the Monday menu for you?

January 19, 2015

Tonight we just came back from a week long trip visiting family.  Of course there is not much in our fridge, so a natural option is to pick up a simple pizza from the local grocery store and add our favorite toppings.  Not too unlike the hamster in this cute video.

Now some people may be concerned that this tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza may be consuming potentially poisonous toppings for the little beastie.  Not to worry.  The author, AprilsAnimals, assured us with this topping list;  whole wheat pita, natural peanut butter, carrots and mealworm.   Great for hamsters, not as appealing for people.  It was her second shot at cooking for hamster, as this video from behind the scenes shows that hammy decided the first veggie pizza was not as tempting.

The one option that hamsters have that we as human don’t is to stuff your leftovers.  The BBC has a revealing program about pets and featured a spot on hamsters hoarding abilities including x-ray of the remarkable talent.  Rest assured, I won’t be stuffing my cheeks with tonight’s leftovers.

Hamsters and all that jazz.

January 12, 2015

I may have missed this group when they released this video on December 24th, but better late then never.

Seems that they may be just doing the air band thing, because I don’t see their little paws on the keys or the strings.  But then, who cares?  Hamsters are hamsters.

Hamsters Take to Running on the Ceiling.

December 30, 2014

A biology  lab in Devon, England has an  unusual learning experience.  The teacher wanted to students to observe live behaviors of animals, so when the lab  was  renovated he had installed a hamster run  on the ceiling of the room.

He said: “It was a crazy idea that I had when I was designing the lab as I had had hamsters before. I wanted them to have space and allow the pupils to observe them and their behaviour.”
18 Roborvoski hamsters inhabit the lab and the surefooted  rodents are more then Andrew Colville can keep track of while they scurry to and fro.  It certainly adds life to the study of biology.

hamsters in space

ceiling run

Some Of My Favorite Things

December 8, 2014

  Some of my favorite things surrounding Christmas that always give me a smile when I sit  at the computer.

  Holiday Snow Globe – an interactive flash game with music and holiday cheer or fear!

Star Trek the Next Generation sings Let is Snow.





Hamsters shouldn’t drive, but maybe they can drink.

November 10, 2014

Seems that a rental car was leased to a family that transported a hamster and didn’t claim it when  they returned the car.  Sparky the hamster made a  new home in the Chevy Spark, and until the little one was extricated  from the vehicle she had chewed herself through £2,400 worth of damage.



I say that  Sparky was probably just looking for a way to get to the sushi bar that is all the rage presently.  Kosuke Sato is a fellow in Japan that  grooves on making small dioramas for his hamsters to tend bar and other fun activities.



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