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Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?

February 18, 2016

With the Canadian dollar trending low, we decided to do the stay-cation and spend dollars on things around the house.  It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the wonders of world travel when we have the marvel of the internet.  Our little friend the hamster takes us to Hawaii!

Who can resist tasting a seashell, the cabana and then discovering the bar and buffet taste better?  Surely no hamster can!  No hamster can resist digging in the sand and then trashing the buffet before indulging in a bit more of a snack either.

Then our little friend is on to exotic Egypt!


Our tiny hamster friend takes pleasure in climbing pyramids, participating in an historic dig, raiding the tomb of the pharaohs before heading home in a balloon.

Better than Best In Show

February 18, 2016

Most everyone loves the dogs at the Westminster Kennel club dog show, and you may have even seen the movie about the dog show called, “Best In Show.”  But  you haven’t seen anything until you have seen the Westhamster Hamster Show!

Who needs the dogs anyways?  All they do is steal the hamster’s cookies anyways.

Is this an enriching environment for hamsters?

August 8, 2015

I wonder if the scientists in my previous blog entry would consider this an enriching environment for hamsters.

Someone put a lot of effort into this one.

The happy hamster

August 8, 2015



Golden hamsters live alone in the wild, so they don’t show social cues about their thoughts and feelings.  So how can we tell what is going on in the little hamster brain?  Seems it has been very difficult, even if hamster owners try to figure it out for themselves.  Hamster depression?




Scientists took this conundrum to heart and started studying the furry little pouchers.  They needed to know if hamsters kept in captivity were happy, and of course they don’t speculate, they use scientific process.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

We highlight and address some issues using a laboratory species not previously tested: the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus). Hamsters were tested using a spatial judgement go/no-go task in enriched and unenriched housing. We included a number of controls and additional behavioural tests and applied a robust analytical approach using linear mixed effects models. Hamsters approached the ambiguous cues significantly more often when enriched than unenriched. There was no effect of enrichment on responses to the middle cue.”

Happy hamsters? Enrichment induces positive judgement bias for mildly (but not truly) ambiguous cues to reward and punishment in Mesocricetus auratus


“enrichment items” included;   deeper aspen substrate and extra nesting material, two coloured transparent plastic huts (10×12 cm), a suspended hamster tent (15×12 cm), four hamster gnaw sticks and a wooden ledge (18×13 cm: all of which increase opportunity for natural and exploratory behaviour. The metal barred wheel was replaced with a larger solid-floor plastic silent running ball-bearing wheel (16.5 cm).


    The authors say in conclusion, “We cannot say whether the hamsters in our study felt happy in their enriched housing, but the changes in cognitive processing of ambiguous cues certainly suggests enriched hamsters became more optimistic about the likelihood of future reward when faced with uncertain information.”

The scientists could have also talked to Mathijs van der Paauw, the author of Happy Hamster.  The cookbook of cooking for hamsters.


  Looks like this hamster is happy to me!

A good day to sleep.

March 23, 2015

After I finish a night shift, if it it is raining, most people will say, “It is a  good day to sleep.”  This little guy to it just a little further. CACP1izU0AAz-JG

Found this at Rocket News.

What to do for Valentines day?

February 11, 2015

Some people think that Valentine’s day is over-rated.   Perhaps it is just an excuse for the sale of roses and chocolates, but I say it is a good time to show those around you that you love them, and if they love roses and chocolates that makes it so much easier.

So for all of you lovers out there, and with a special dedication to the one I love, I offer some Valentine hamster videos I have found for your enjoyment.

May you have a wonderful Valentines day!

What’s on the Monday menu for you?

January 19, 2015

Tonight we just came back from a week long trip visiting family.  Of course there is not much in our fridge, so a natural option is to pick up a simple pizza from the local grocery store and add our favorite toppings.  Not too unlike the hamster in this cute video.

Now some people may be concerned that this tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza may be consuming potentially poisonous toppings for the little beastie.  Not to worry.  The author, AprilsAnimals, assured us with this topping list;  whole wheat pita, natural peanut butter, carrots and mealworm.   Great for hamsters, not as appealing for people.  It was her second shot at cooking for hamster, as this video from behind the scenes shows that hammy decided the first veggie pizza was not as tempting.

The one option that hamsters have that we as human don’t is to stuff your leftovers.  The BBC has a revealing program about pets and featured a spot on hamsters hoarding abilities including x-ray of the remarkable talent.  Rest assured, I won’t be stuffing my cheeks with tonight’s leftovers.


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